Adds a thousands seperator to the selected numbers
Shows two digits for the selected numbers
Applies standart conditional formatting to the selected numbers:
Shows positive values in green, negative values in red.
Centers and wraps the selected cells.

Increases readability of long headers instantly.
Centers, wraps, outlines the selected cells and paints them yellow.

Increases readability of long headers instantly.
Creates a copy of the active Sheet.
The Banner

The Banner is a Web interface integrated into the PlusX menu. It aims to add flexibility into the application through the internet.
For live update of the FX Rates you have to have installed minimum Internet Explorer 10. Otherwise click "Refresh" for actual rates.
The Xtras Menu Group

Tools which facilitate the text formatting actions done repeatedly in a working day.

Using these one-clickers instead of strolling through different menus will speed up your work.
PlusX Browser (PXB)
This feature is available for the 2007-2010 versions, the 2013 version is under construction

It is an Excel-internal Web Browser that shows and hides when you click the PXB button. It works only within Excel and when you show it.

It aims to facilitate your interactions between Excel and the Web.

You can add tabs with "New Tab" and delete them with "Close Tab".

If you check "Pin", the browser will be seen not only at the PlusX menu, but throughout all the menus.
Applies the "Classic Pivot Table Layout" to the selected Pivot Table.
PlusX applies Language and Country settings on startup. You can change and save these new settings with the "Sets" menu.
As of now, it shows the Live FX Rates of countries. You can follow up your local rates by changing the country from the upper box.

The Banner is also designed to deliver upgrade information, other news, advertisement and sponsorship information.